• My Teacher. Psychic, Author and Healer Petrene Soames, the most inspiring, talented, loving, real, amazing and magical person i know.

Vegetarian links

  • PETA. "People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals" - an always up to date and inspiring source of information about Vegetarianism, Veganism and health as well as all the shocking and disturbing facts of the animal industry and general information about animal rights.


  • My article on being vegetarian has many good vegetarian links at the end of it.

Healing and Health Directories


  • What the bleep - "Τι στο *μπιπ* ξέρουμε?!", η ταινία κβαντικής φυσικής που αλλάζει την αντίληψη μας! Η ταινία υπάρχει και σε DVD στα βίντεο κλαμπ με Ελληνικούς υπότιτλους. Εμείς δημιουργούμε την πραγματικότητα μας!


  • Acorn Host - Woman Owned, Green Powered.
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